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    Setting up z970 synonym for parallel indexing

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    When I do "select * from z970;" in our new abc04 parallel library and get no rows selected, that's not really a problem, right, since the same query in abc01 gives me all the synonyms?

    Or have I still not connected abc04 correctly to abc01's data?

    abc01 file_list has:

    LS Z970 ABC03

    but util a/17/5/1 in abc01 shows that this synonym is not actually defined:

    Enter value for lib: ABC01
    Z95 ABC03 Z95
    Z97 ABC03 Z97
    Z98 ABC03 Z98
    Z980 ABC03 Z980

    and we see that the SQL for abc01 shows 50:

    abc01@ALEPH0> select count(*) from z970;
    **** Hit return to continue ****


    The z970 currently exists in abc04, with zero records. In order for a p_manage_01 run in abc04 to generate z97 records from the z970, the z970's will either need to be moved to abc04 or the lines in the abc04 file_list will need to be changed to:

    !TAB z970 10M 0K TS4D
    !IND z970_id 1M 0K TS3X
    !IND z970_id1 1M 0K TS3X
    LS z970 abc01

    If you do the latter, you will need to drop the z970 before running p_manage_01:

    s+ abc04
    SQL> select count(*) from z970; [stop if result is more than 0]
    SQL> drop table z970;

    (Note: You do the "select" above in order to verify that there are 0 records. If there are more than 0 records, you should stop and double-check what you are doing.)

    If the result of the select is 0, then do util a/17/5/2 run to generate the synonym.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013