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    Slow display of GUI Items List when there are many items with many loans

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    Aleph is very slow in displaying the GUI Items List when there are many items with many loans (e.g. laptops, e-readers, DVDs, CD's, etc.).

    This is happening in both Cataloging and Circulation.

    In Cataloging, it happens if I simply select one of the items : Aleph freezes ("blue circle") for too long.
    With Circulation, just scanning the item's barcode makes Aleph freeze.

    The "blue circle" lasts for a minute or more, and sometimes Aleph cannot go through, so the client needs to be stopped.

    The Items List function reads all the z36h records for this ADM's item records (in order to get the count of "Loans" for each item) and all of the z30h records (in order to get the "Last updated" date in "History" in the tree on the left). And, in Cataloging, the "Items List -- All Items History" display.

    See Slow check-out of items which have been loaned many times  (KB 16384-18930)  -- because check_circ_7_c checks all of the z36h records to find the most recent return.

    To deal with the current situation, you may want to delete older z30h records. With version 22.1, rep_change 2020, this can be done with util x/13. Otherwise, SQL would need to be used.  (Note:  with util x/13 doesn't distinguish "All fields" history records from others.  The article " Unnecessary z30h history records " has SQL for deleting old "All fields" records.) 

    To prevent the problem's reoccurrence in the future, you should change the last line in the distributed tab_item_history.eng from:

    ALL-FIELDS L All fields


    ALL-NON-CIRC L Other non-circ updates

    Additional Information

    This would be done once all the statistics for a particular time-period have been gathered. Prior to version 22, it would need to be done via SQL, but, with 22.01 rep_change 2020, util x/13 has been added do this.

    • Article last edited: 3/19/2014