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    Suppression or generation of the $LOGDIR/pc_ser file

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01


    How can the creation of file $LOGDIR/pc_ser_6nnn be suppressed / activated?


    1A) To activate the detailed log file $LOGDIR/pc_ser_6nnn define $alephe_root/pc_server_defaults
    setenv pc_transactions_log Y

    1B) To suppress the creation of the file set variable to
    setenv pc_transactions_log N

    With this setting, the pc_ser_6nnn file will not be produced.

    2) Restart the PC server to activate the changed variable (util w/3/3)

    Additional Information

    Note that it is the pc_server_6nnn.log file -- *not* the pc_ser_6nnn file-- which is used for normal analysis of pc_server problems.
    The pc_ser_6nnn file can very occasionally be useful in re-executing a specific problem transaction for analysis. But in such cases, you can temporarily set "pc_transactions_log" to Y (and restart the pc_server with this setting).

    The pc_ser_6nnn files are *extremely* large; typically, 10 times the size of the pc_server_6nnn logs files.

    Category: System Management (500)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013