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    Synchronize Library File Headers for .fre tables

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    When we run util H/2 or util H/3 to synchronize File Headers, only files with .eng extension are updated.

    For example, after running util H/3 on our TEST server, the header of alephe/tab/sublibrary.eng is updated but not the one for sublibrary.fre

    Is there a way to extend the synchronization to .fre files as well ?

    In order to update headers on tables and files that end in a language code other than eng (for example fre) you need to duplicate all the header files that end in eng to the desired. These header files are located in various sub-directories under $aleph_root/headers. Here are specifics of what you need to do:

    1) Go to the headers directory. The easiest way is to do this (on the server):

    >> cd $aleph_root
    >> cd headers

    You will see two directories there - alephe and libnn.

    2) First, go to alephe/tab:

    >> cd alephe/tab

    These are the headers that control tables in $alephe_tab.

    3) For each file that ends in eng, such as tab_sub_library.eng, make an identical copy, but change eng to fre. For example:

    cp -p tab_sub_library.eng tab_sub_library.fre

    4) Now go back to the headers directory and go into the libnn directory:

    >> cd libnn

    under libnn, there are two subdirectories - tab and pc_tab. Go to tab and do that same as before. For each file that ends in eng, make a copy that ends in fre.

    5) Finally, go to the libnn/pc_tab/catalog directory and make copies of the files that end in eng.

    6) Now, when you synchronize the headers, you should get both the eng and the fre.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013