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    Tablespace for New Library / Parallel Indexing

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    In prof_library where it says, for example, "setenv file_list_TS1D ts_XXXXX_1D"
    Is the format of "ts_XXXXX_1D" required to be "ts_" [some five letter name of our choosing] "_1D"? I

    n other words, should we have named our new tablespace with only five letters, e.g. TSIDX, instead of TSIDXWORK, and then made the entry in prof_library "ts_TSIDX_1D" ?

    First, it should be noted that the prof_library file_list_xxxx parameters are relevant only if you are actually using the file_list templates.

    **If you have an actual complete file_list in the library's root directory, then the template is not going to be used and these parameters are not relevant.**

    The value of the file_list_TSnD setenv can be *any* tablespace name. It does not need to be of the form ts_XXXXX_nD.

    But the relevant setenv can vary depending on the file_list_size.
    For example if you specify:
    file_list_size MEDIUM
    you may add setenv's for all of the tablespaces which appear in the fourth position of the tablespace column in the file_list template.
    If the template has:
    TAB z00r 100K,128K,128K,128K,128K,128K 0K ts0,TS1D,TS1D,TS1D,TS1D,TS1D
    TAB z103 100K,128K,4M,4M,128M,960M 0K ts0,TS1D,TS2D,TS2D,TS3D,TS4D
    then you may define your own table space names with the setenv's:
    setenv file_list_TS1D TSIDXWORK
    setenv file_list_TS2D TSIDXWORK
    and the same for all other TSnx's which appear in the 4th position (for Medium).

    From version 16:
    The file_list_<table/index space name> parameter can be used to change the default table/index space assigned in the template. For example, in multi-ADM environments this variable can be useful when each ADM library uses different tablespaces but use the same template (file_list.ADM).

    Sample line from the file_list template:
    !1 2 3 4 5 6
    ! ! ! ! ! !
    TAB zxx 100K,300K,500K,etc... 0K ts0,ts5,ts10,etc..

    If the prof_library is defined as follows:
    setenv file_list_type ADM
    setenv file_list_size SMALL
    setenv file_list_ts10 ts20

    The the template used will be file_list.ADM, the size for zxx will be 500K and the tablespace will be ts20.

    Additional Information

    prof_library, table_space

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013