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    Task Manager Batch Log Files missing

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22


    Batch Log Files for 4th of August are missing in Task Manager. The file itself is displayed but clicking on tab "2. Log file" only displays "The Batch Log file is missing".


    This is related to the fact that the "old" log files from 4th of August were deleted meanwhile, see here the active list from directory $alephe_scratch on your server - there are no related log files from Aug 4.

    aleph@nn(a22_1) XXX01> cd $alephe_scratch
    aleph@nn(a22_1) XXX01> ls -lrt
    total 4780
    drwxrwxr-x 2 aleph exlibris 4096 Aug 1 21:05 save-2014-08-01/
    drwxrwxr-x 2 aleph exlibris 4096 Aug 4 21:05 save-2014-08-04/
    drwxrwxr-x 2 aleph exlibris 4096 Aug 5 21:05 save-2014-08-05/

    Category: Circulation/ALEPH

    Subject: ALEPH - 500

    • Article last edited: 9/1/2014