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    Title search automatically truncated in GUI and OPAC

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Browse title search (exact title in GUI, title beginning with in OPAC) is not actually searching for the exact words typed - It seems to be truncating at root words, based on the results below.

    A search the titles beginning with the word “hairs” in SDW returns two records. The first, for the title Hairs = Pelitos / (SYS# 002559987), which should come up. The second title is The Hairstons : an American family in black and white / (SYS# 002564893). Nowhere in the second record (notes included) does the word HAIRS appear.

    It’s definitely searching plurals when the singular word is searched – for example, the word “mirror” produces not just titles starting with Mirror in the title or subtitle, but also the titles below, (as well as several others beginning with “mirrors”) – none of which contain the word “mirror” singular, anywhere:

    Mirrors of man; an introduction to the liberal arts in the modern world (SYS 002538465)
    Mirrors of the soul. (SYS 002525073)
    Mirrors for behavior; an anthology of classroom observation instruments, (SYS 002512608)
    Mirrors of madness : patrolling the psychic border / (SYS 002555982)

    I would expect that a browse search dubbed “title beginning with” should actually search for the word as typed, without truncating -- unless truncation is specified explicitly using a truncation character, and that results displayed contain the word searched in the correct field (245a) in the proper position (first word/phrase as searched). Results displayed shouldn’t include intermixed, titles that do not contain the as word/phrase as typed.

    The sys01 tab100 has: AUTO-TRUNCATE-Z01-FIND=Y .

    To have the program behave as you describe, it needs to be set to AUTO-TRUNCATE-Z01-FIND=S. This is described in KB 15792.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013