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    Total number of bib records in database

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    How can we find the total number of bib records in our database?

    util h/1/10 shows you the number of records in each bib library and in each logical base. You can choose a base which excludes deleted or suppressed records, as desired.

    The util g/2 last-doc-number is not a good count. When the system adds a record, the last-doc-number is used to get the next number and is incremented. If this counter has never been adjusted manually and if you haven't physically deleted bib records, there shouldn't be any "holes" in the numbering and the count should reflect the number of bib records.

    If there *are* holes, then you can use this sql to get a count:

    SQL-xxx01> select count(*) from z00;

    Note that the above counts include *all* bib records, including ones which have been deleted (having just a "DEL Y" field).} If you want to exclude deleted records from the count, then you can do this SQL:

    SQL-xxx01> select count(*) from z13 where Z13_TITLE is not null;

    (Note: this will exclude records which have "DEL Y" and also those with "STA $a DELETED".)

    To limit the count to bib records created in the past year:

    SQL-xxx01> select count(*) from z13 where Z13_TITLE is not null and Z13_OPEN_DATE between 20050901 and 20060831;

    To exclude Suppressed records from the count, you can go to the GUI and do this CCL search: "wst = suppressed". Then subtract that number from the preceding count. You could also get a count using p_ret_01, excluding "DEL Y" and "STA $a Deleted" and/or "STA $a Suppressed" records.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013