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    URL to link into ALEPH Web OPAC from Serials Solutions or Cambridge Abstracts

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18

    A couple of our libraries have subscriptions with Serials Solutions, Cambridge Abstracts or other reference database that allow linking back to a title in their ALEPH Web OPAC. Could someone tell me how to structure the URL that links into the ALEPH Web OPAC (doing either a ISBN or ISSN search)?

    [From Janet M. Arth, U. of Minnesota:]
    I went off to your Aleph site and found the command for ISSN (you have search options for issn= and issns=, I used the issns search) and did a command search for the issn for JAMA, i.e. issns=0098-7484. With some 'clean' up of the resulting url (strip out the long session ID and the extraneous filter stuff), I come up with this url:

    But then you have to add on the local_base parameter that you want, e.g. gac_cat_pub, giving you:

    You may have to modify this based on what is necessary within Serial Solutions or Cambridge Scientific, but hopefully this helps.

    [From Jane E. H. Aitkens, McGill University:]
    CSA has a web form you fill in. I think it is this one:

    We had a "Check your Library" in CSA since the framed version of Aleph. Examples of frameless links we sent to them when we upgraded: st=0260%2d9592 st=New+Statesman

    We got this note back from CSA (important for SFX users): "At this time we do not have the capability to have an OpenURL link and also a link to holdings in place simultaneously. To be notified when this capability is available, please sign up for our technical bulletins list." This limitation is still true. I am only seeing our SFX button now in CSA. However, our SFX menu pre-queries our catalogue and presents a link to check the library holdings if it was found, so the Check the library isn't totally lost, just another click away.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013