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    USM01 as base instead of correct base after restart of WWW Server

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Problem Symptoms:
    * After restarting the WWW Server the USM01 was used as base library instead of the correct base (XXX01)
    * The OPAC did not work properly as a result
    * Starting the WWW Server once again solved the problem

    Deletion of files with util x/7 and parallel access of table $alephe_tab/tab_base.lng by 2 programs when creating the new utf_file

    In general the system uses 'USM01' if the base defined in variable www_base cannot be found in table $alephe_tab/tab_base.lng.
    * Avoid regular deletion of utf_files with util x/7
    * Restart the WWW Server to read the complete utf_file

    Additional Information

    When 2 programs simultaneously try to access a an Aleph table (such as $alephe_tab/tab_base.lng), it can happen that the second program uses an empty or incomplete version of this table.
    The problem happens in the following situation:
    The WWW Server and one additional process (e.g. ue_01) try to read file $alephe_tab/tab_base.lng at the same time. To make the file "readable" a UTF version of the file is created and stored in $aleph_utf/utf_files. If this file does not exist, the first program creates it. The WWW Server trying to access the file a moment later finds a file - although still empty or incomplete - and uses it. Therefore the base XXX01 cannot be found.

    Category: Web OPAC (500)

    Subject: Web server (500)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013