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    Unable to find Global Patron information ***COMPREHENSIVE ANSWER***

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    The Patron List displays OK, but when a patron is selected, the message: "Remote Service Error (c0463 21) Unable to find Global Patron Information" occurs.
    The message can also occur when the User-ID is entered into the patron bar/box at the upper left.
    The message can also occur (due to causes #7 or 8) when creating a new patron in the GUI.

    This occurs when the system takes the user id from the patron list (or the search box) and tries to locate the z303 user record. Different causes are listed below. Check the pc_server log: in some cases it gives clues; in other cases not. But you want to check that first.

    1. If this problem is occurring immediately following upgrade to a new version, check the pc_server log. If the message "ORA-01007: variable not in select list" is seen, that indicates that Upgrade Express step #3 (to convert tables to the new format) was not run or failed; run (or re-run) it. See Article 000033339 ("Oracle error: fetch znn ; variable not in select list **IN GENERAL**") ( ) (see link below) in this regard.

    2. It may be that there is no bor_pics directory in the $usr_library $data_root -- or, there's a bor_pics directory, but it lacks the required default_picture.jpg file. There is typically no indication of this problem in the pc_server log. You can copy the default_picture.jpg from the USR00 bor_pics directory. (Or you could make a different picture the default_picture.jpg.... Just so there's *some*thing with that name.)

    3. The tab_bor_id.eng is missing. In this case we see these messages in the pc_server log:

    Error: Load: /tmp/utf_files/.../xxx50/tab/tab_bor_id.eng In program check_bor_id
    Max # lines (0200) reached In file tab_bor_id

    There is no tab_bor_id.eng table in the $usr_library, which, in this case, is xxx50. There needs to be.

    Note: In the distributed demo libraries USR00 is the $usr_library. If you have (as you do) the same library as your ADM library, usr_library, and pw_library, then the /tab directory of that library (ABC50) should have all of the tables found in the ./usm50/tab/ *plus* the tables in the ./usr00/tab.

    4. The z308 type 00 (patron ID) and/or type 01 (patron barcode) records are missing for particular patrons. See Article 00149860 ( "Unable to find Global Patron Information" -- missing z308 type 00 or type 01 ) in this regard.

    5. Though there's a z308 record the z303 record it points to (via the z308_id) doesn't exist. This could be either because z308 is incorrect or because the z303 is incorrect. (There is no indication of an error in the pc_server log. You need to use SQL and util f/4 to check. The programs involved are pc_cir_c0463 and check_bor_id.

    6. In another case, though the z353 patron index records were present, the z303 (and z304/z308) records had been deleted (from the $usr_library). (The deletion was performed using SQL.) Restoring the deleted records corrected the problem.

    7. This problem can occur if the library to which you are connecting the GUI Circ client is a bib library rather than an ADM library. (Diagnostics showed the "USER-LIBRARY" in pc_com_c0107 as "ABC01".)

    To correct this, the \CIRC\TAB\per_lib.ini on your PC should have your xxx50 ADM library -- *not* your xxx01 bib library -- as the first line.

    8. In another case, this error message resulted from a lack of space:

    The pc_server_6595.log has these messages:
    Oracle error: io_z308_write
    ORA-01653: unable to extend table ABC50.Z308 by 1024 in tablespace TS2

    This was due to a lack of space in tablespace TS2D. Though util o/14/1 didn't show such a lack, adding a datafile to TS2D corrected the problem.