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    Users connected to server; "License limit exceeded"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Because of "license [licence] limit exceeded" for your pc_server (or www_server) you want to see what sessions are on your server and where they are coming from.

    [The general problem of license limit exceeded is discussed in SKBs 8192-481 and 8192-482.]

    pc_server sessions are counted as active for 10 minutes after the time of their last activity. (This is hard-coded in the programs.) (Web sessions are counted as active for 2 minutes.)

    To see how many active users there are, you can do util y/11.

    To see the IP addresses of the users, can go to the $LOGDIR/www_server (or pc_server) logs. The "IN" lines show the address. Or you can check the z63 file (for the Web server) or the z65 file (for the pc server).

    For the z63, connect to vir01 and do:

    SQL-VIR01> select Z63_CLIENT_ADDRESS, Z63_TIME from z63;
    {To interpret the time (the unix time), see KB 6088.}

    For the z65, connect to VIR01 and do:

    SQL-VIR01> select Z65_CLIENT_ADDRESS, Z65_TIME from z65 where Z65_TYPE = 'PC-SERVER';
    {To interpret the time (the unix time), see KB 6088.}

    If you find multiple sessions for a particular address, you can exclude it via your firewall or by denying it in $alephe_tab/server_ip_allowed. Example:

    We dropped/created the z63. Ten seconds later we saw 40 addresses like this in the z63:
    So we added this line to server_ip_allowed:

    W D 216.39.48.*

    { To find out about this address, I did this on my pc: Start, then Run, then typed "cmd" and clicked on "OK". At the C:\> prompt I entered "tracert". This showed me that the name for this ip is "". ("" is Alta Vista; this is an Alta Vista spider. We did "216.39.48.*" because we have seen other spiders with a different last number. See KB 8192-481 for more on spiders.) }

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013