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    Values in GUI Acq/Serials "Serial Bar" index dropdown

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Where do the values in the "Serial Bar" index dropdown come from? What index is being searched for each?

    The values in the dropdown come from the pc_tab_exp_field.eng SERIAL-SEARCH lines of the xxx50 library you're connected to.

    When the code in column 4 of the SERIAL-SEARCH line is "BIB-SYS", pc_com_c0102 is called;
    when "BIB-ISSN" (or other BIB-xxxx), pc_sear_c1011 is called;
    when "ADM-SYS" or "ORD-NUM", pc_serial_c0346 is called.

    In all other cases, pc_serial_c0335 is called. pc_serial_c0335 calls the "serial2_find_xxxx" program <where xxxx is the code in pc_tab_exp_field.eng column 4>.

    The three serial2_find... programs are:


    Thus, the only valid pc_tab_exp_field col. 4 values for use with pc_serial_c0335 are BARCODE, ISSN, and SICI.

    When ISSN is specified, serial2_find_issn is called. serial2_find_issn, in turn, calls "serial2_get_issn_code" which reads the tab100 ISSN-CODE value to get the ISSN-CODE:

    !# ISSN-CODE
    ! This code is used to build the search request (e.g. "ISSN=12345") when
    ! searching for an issue by its ISSN code via the Serials search Bar in
    ! Acquisitions GUI. The code should match column 5 of tab11_ind of fields
    ! containing an ISSN code (e.g. field 022## in USMARC). Default value is
    ! "ISSN". Maximum length is 20 characters.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013