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    What codes can be used in Common Command Language searching?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    Question about CCL. Someone here was able to search in our OPAC by collection by doing WCL = H1C, where H1C is one of our collections. However, when I go to Aleph online help, I cannot find a common command code in Aleph called WCL for word in collection. Is there a complete list somewhere that I am not finding? I’d like to do a CCL search on Item Process status – is that possible?

    There is no predetermined set of Word indexes which are searchable using a CCL command. Any index which appears in the xxx01 tab00.eng table can be searched using a CCL command.

    In your case, the WCL index appears in tab00.eng. (There is also a WSL sublibrary index, but this are not really of any interest since you have just one sublibrary.)

    I have added "WCL = Collection code" as a "Common Command Language abbreviation" to the ./www_f_eng/help-1 file which appears to the users in the Web OPAC.

    There's a tab00.eng "WIS" Word index, but, as can be seen in the tab11_word table, it is just the PST $$6 (item status) which is being sent to this index; the PST $$7 (item process status) is not being included.

    Finally, there is a "WLC = location" index in tab00.eng. This index includes *all* of the PST subfields, including the $$7 item processing status. I have also added this index to the ./www_f_eng/help-1 file as "WLC = Item status or Item processing status". Thus, you should be able right now to do a "WLC= xx" CCL search, where xx is an item processing status code.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013