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    What different ways can tab17 be updated?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    Lines are being deleted from our tab17 (and, therefore, we are getting incorrect due dates/times).

    What different ways can tab17 be updated? (so we can find out what's doing this).

    tab17 can be changed in one of three ways: directly on the server, via ALEPHADM, via the GUI Loan --Open Hours.

    You don't say anything about using ALEPHADM, so I assume that is not a factor.

    You refer to the use of the GUI Loan --Open Hours by the QC staff.

    When you update tab17 directly on the server, the changes you make take effect only when the z301 is recreated (either

    by util a/17/1,
    by running p_cir_01, or
    by the pc_cir_c0401 GUI program upon change to a new day).

    When you update tab17 via the GUI Loan --Open Hours and click on Apply, the changes are made to tab17 and the z301 is updated immediately.

    The GUI Loan --Open Hours updates the tab17 in the following fashion:

    * the yyyymmdd exceptions are placed first within the section

    * the ####mmdd exceptions are next within the section

    * the ######## lines are last within the section

    (This is the correct order of the lines.)

    I can see from your description three types of problems which might be occurring:

    1. tab17 is incorrect (because of update from GUI Loan --Open Hours or ???)

    2. the z301 is incorrect (because of ???)

    3. though the z301 is correct, the due date which is assigned is incorrect

    (I, personally, dont't think that #3 is possible.)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013