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    What determines whether operator can perform Circ override? **

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01, 21, 22, 23


    Though student Circ workers have the Override permission specified in their Staff Privileges for Circlulation, they are unable to perform the override. What determines whether an operator can perform an override in Circulation?




    In the Staff Privileges --Access Rights has these overrides:

    Loan blocks - Override
    Return date Override
    Hold request - Override blocks
    Booking request - Override blocks

    Permission for the appropriate Access Right for the situation needs to be specified.

    The other factor is the Z66-USER-CIRC-LEVEL (set in the Staff Privileges --Modify User -- Circ Override Level), in combination with the xxx50./tab/check_circ_override table:

    If the operator has the general permission for the override, the system reads the Z66-USER-CIRC-LEVEL and compares that value to column 2 of the relevant line in check_circ_override. If it is equal or higher, the override is permitted.

    Note: as distributed, column 2 of every check_circ_override line is "00", meaning that any Circ Override Level will be allowed.


    Additional Information

    Note: if the Override functionality is not available (only 'ignore' is displayed e.g. for loan action), check, if the patron also has the Override Privilege set to 'Y' 



    • Article last edited: 05-July-2016