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    What happens to z35 Item Events when Serial Items are Bound?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    We have a library which recently bound a serial. In the process, it seems as though the circulation statistics for the items involved in the binding were deleted. Here's what the library reported:

    a. barcoded item 31596002394203 had one "Not Loan Return" event
    b. barcoded item 31596002414852 had one "In House Use" and one "Not Loan Return" event
    c. the above two items were part of a binding that created barcoded item 31596002386134, which does not have any circulation statistics associated with it

    The ALEPH 16.02 User Guide - Items (page 27) states that "a group of items around 'bound' together into a single new item, and consequently deleted (although still kept in the system as 'historical' items)". The two barcoded items (a and b) are in ABC50's Z30H Oracle table.

    However, ABC50 does *not* have a Z35H table. What happened to the events associated with the two barcoded items (a and b) when the items were bound? Were they deleted from Z35?

    If USD50 *did* have a Z35H table, would the events been added to that table? If a Z35H table needs to exist in order for bound serials' events to be kept -- at least historically -- what needs to happen to create Z35H?

    There is no "z35h". There is no need for it. Starting with 16.02 rep_change 1264 z35 records are no longer being deleted by ALEPH programs for any reason. (A site may want to periodically want to use SQL to delete older z35's.)

    But if the z30 key changes, the z35 may not change accordingly. {Since the z35 is used only for statistical purposes, the z35_rec_key and z35_sequence don't matter. They do not affect statistics (such as, loans for a particular sublibrary during November; loans by patrons with status '01'; etc.). }

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013