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    What is the Z07A record? z07_level and z07a_level

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    • Product: Aleph
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    What is the Z07A record? What are z07_level and z07a_level?


    In Aleph 17 and up, a z07a record is written whenever a z07 indexing doc record is processed by the ue_01_a routine.

    This z07a record results in additional processing, by:

    the ue_01_z0102_index indexing daemon
    the ue_01_word_index (Aleph 18/ Aleph 19) or the ue_01_word_parallel (Aleph 20)

    Both processes are started at the same time as the ue_01_a process (by the $aleph_proc/util_e_01 procedure).

    Prior to Aleph 17, the z07_level indicated what processing had been done on the z07. This function is now switched to the z07a_level. (See below.)
    In version Aleph 17 and up, the z07_level can have two values: "1" not processed or "2" processed (unsuccessfully ... and, therefore, not deleted).

    z07_level = 2 indicates that ue_01 has had a problem processing this particular z07. Almost certainly some index has not been updated.

    The z07a_level (the first byte of the z07a_rec_key) indicates what stage a particular z07a is at:

    ("1") not processed by either or unsuccessfully processed by ue_01_word_parallel
    ("2") successfully processed by ue_01_word_parallel
    ("3") unsuccessfully processed by ue_01_z0102
    ("4") successfully processed by ue_01_z0102

    Example for "1"

    The ue_01_word_parallel is an off-loading of the Word indexing to a separate process, so it can occur faster, in parallel, to the ue_01_a process.

    Once a z07a is successfully processed by both procedures, it is deleted.

    Category: Background processing (500)

    Subject: Ue (500)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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