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    clear_vir01 in hot mode or in cold mode?

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23


    When to run clear_vir01 in hot mode and when in cold mode?


    The hot-mode only deletes records from particular ORACLE-tables in VIR01 (Z05,Z110, Z60, Z63, Z64 and Z65) but not all tables in VIR01.

    So the "clear_vir01 hot" is only an additional option for customers who do not want to shutdown Aleph every night. These customers might for example want to run ""clear_vir01 hot" daily and "clear_vir01 cold" weekly while Aleph is down (This is only an example - the frequency of "clear_vir01 cold" depends on the usage of the system).

    So you should not use "clear_vir01 hot" INSTEAD of "clear_vir01 cold". If you have an urgent problem in VIR01 as you have not performed clear_vir01 before and now your session-tables are overflown, we strongly recommend to shutdown Aleph, execute clear_vir01 in cold mode and restart Aleph again to solve the problem. "clear_vir01 hot" does not help in such a situation.

    "clear_vir01 hot" should only be used in conjunction with regular "clear_vir01 cold".


    Additional Information

    Clear_vir01 is started with utility X/8 where you can decide whether to start in hot or cold mode.


    • Article last edited: 27-June-2016
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