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    Where are OPAC Event Statistics Stored In Aleph?

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    • Product: Aleph


    Where are OPAC event statistics stored in Aleph? What are their parameters and how are they queried?


    • The z69 table registers events that have occurred during the use of the OPAC.
    • z69 event data is extracted from the www_server.log and the z39_server.log.
    • The z35 table is also used to create statistical reports of Web OPAC activities/events and search/scan requests made via the z39.50.
    • Traceable OPAC events are defined in ./xxx01/data_tab/tab_events.lng.
    • The configuration of tab_events.lng determines which OPAC related transactions in the bibliographic library will write a record to the z69 oracle table.
    • Events which can be registered in the z69 table include:

    • Search Command
    • Multi field (find-a)
    • Search Command
    • Basic search (find-b)
    • CCL (find-c)
    • Advanced (find-d)
    • Multi base (find-m)
    • Refine Search
    • Cross sets
    • My Library Card
    • Help
    • Scan
    • SDI Profile
    • Save
    • Z39 Server Search requests
    • Z39 Server Scan requests

    • The z69 table is not mandatory. However, if you decide to register Web OPAC events or z39 requests, the z69 OPAC Events Table can then be queried for access and search statistics using local SQL scripts.

    • Short term OPAC statistics can be derived from the pc_server and www_server logs in the $LOGDIR directory, however, the $KEEP_LOGDIR value in aleph_startup is set to remove pc_server and www_server logs which are older than seven days.

    • For daily Web OPAC statistics, you can also utilize util s/4/1 to display the number of OPAC sessions which have occurred during the previous 24 hour period.
    For convenience, this utility breaks down daily statistical data into half-hour increments.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013