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    Word Find Retrieves Record Which Doesn't Contain the Word Searched

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    A search on the words "sunday" and "school" retrieves record 001563622.
    But record 001563622 does not contain the text "sunday".

    To see whether the word sunday is indexed for record 001563622, you do the following.

    First you get the Z97-REC-NUMBER for "sunday":
    enter file name (or q to exit) z97
    new key = K, exit = Q, continue = RETURN
    key 1 = 1, key 3 = 3
    enter start word position TTTTTTTT
    -sunday -001257917-001257917

    Then you do UTIL-F-4 again, for "word3", specifying the WRD index (001) and the Z97-REC-NUMBER we found for "sunday":

    enter file name (or q to exit) word3
    new key = K, exit = Q, continue = RETURN
    enter start position nnnnnnnnnnnn
    Rec key = 001001257917 Number of items = 000004021
    Doc number = 000005266
    Doc number = 000005963
    Doc number = 000007678

    Then press Enter about 100 times. Eventually you come to this:
    Doc number = 001563622

    This shows that the text "sunday" is indexed for record 001563622.

    If you don't see "sunday" when you look at the record with UTIL-F-4 (or MARC Tags), then check tab_expand to make sure that all of the expands included in WEB-FULL are also included in U39-DOC (or WEB-FULL-1).

    If you still don't see the word, note that there is no way to directly delete this association in Oracle since it is stored in the Z98_DATA or Z980_DATA columns -- both of which are in LONG RAW format.

    The only way we know of to correct this is to run p_manage_01 (to completely regenerate the Words).... But we have found that this happens very rarely.


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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013