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    You are not authorized to view this order"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    We get the message "You are not authorized to view this order" when we try to view orders.

    This message is produced by the pc_acq_c0504 program. The program checks the value of the tab100 CHECK-ORDER-PERMISSION variable:

    ! Y = Check whether the staff user is allowed to see the order information
    ! according to the order sublibrary/order unit permissions (either
    ! when seeing an order or an invoice line item).
    ! N = No check is done, the order information is always displayed.

    The default is "Y". If you do not want or need to limit staff from viewing orders, specifying


    in the xxx50 tab100 should permit them to do so.

    If you *do* want to limit certain staff, then you need to make certain that this user is authorized for the order record's sublibrary (or, if tab100 USE-ORDER-UNIT is set to "Y", the order record's order unit).

    The authorization is in the z602 records. The user's z602 needs to include the relevant sublibrary (or order unit) in the Z602_SUB_LIBRARY field, that is, the record with z602_rec_key 'Z66 xxxxxx' (where xxxxxx is the user's login) needs to include this sublibrary/order unit in its Z602_SUB_LIBRARY field.

    • Article last edited: 9-Sep-2016