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    Your find request found too many entries (words). Refine your request"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    When searching in the cataloging GUI and using Advanced search we get the error message Error message (c1011 26) "Your find request found too many entries (words). Refine your request" when using Format =BK as one of the search terms. (In pc tab_sear.eng we label the wfm (keyword format code) search as Format in the drop down menu).

    We get the same error message when we combine a keyword search with Type (wty)= Book.

    We do NOT get these errors in the web opac.

    Normally, this message will occur only with truncated word searches (keyword searches with a wildcard), such as "bigamy and lov?".

    Increasing the set_word_limit values corrects the problem.

    What was unusual about this case is that the message was occurring for a *non*-truncated word search.

    In prod server, z97 has 1428 entries of 'bk':
    fcl01@ALEPH0> select count(*) from z97 where z97_word = 'bk';
    **** Hit return to continue ****


    setenv set_word_limit 100

    setenv set_word_limit 1500

    So the site was getting the error message in GUI search, but not in web opac.

    Increasing the set_word_limit (to 5000) (and restarting the pc and web server) corrected the problem.

    (The downside to setting the set_word_limit *too* high is that bad, meaningless searches, such as, "wrd = a?" will use more system resources than they otherwise would.)

    We believe that the reason we see these multiple Z97's for the same word -- necessitating this increase to the set_word_limit value -- is that certain bib records were saved to the server when the KB 8192-4199 problem was in place and, since the word-lookup wasn't finding the existing word, it created a new z97.

    When the KB 8192-4199 problem was *not* in effect, the system found the first z97 for the word and did *not* create another z97.

    With the KB 8192-4199 having been solved, additional z97's should not be created for the same word.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013