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    aleph_conf_create and utml

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    I found this on p61 of the v20 System Adminstration Guide:

    2.1. Log in to ALEPH.
    In $alephe_root/aleph_start_505 perform the following modifications:
    # setenv aleph_db ${ORA_HOST}.${ORACLE_SID} setenv aleph_db ram02.aleph12 setenv TWO_TASK ram02.aleph12

    2.2. After completion of all modifications log out and log in again in order for the changes in aleph_start to take effect .
    Then recreate aleph.conf:
    cd $alephe_root

    Is aleph_conf_create still relevant? The references to it that I've found all seem to mention v15.
    Do I need to do anything after updating aleph_start and running "source aleph_start"?

    source aleph_start" is what you need to do to make these changes take effect, but, as noted in KB 16384-20129, a change to aleph_db requires a corresponding change in tnsnames.ora.

    The v15.2 aleph.conf and aleph_conf_create were replaced by the v16-up utml mechanism, described in KB 8192-392.

    I will ask that this SysAdmin Guide be corrected.

    The idea is that a change would be made to aleph_start.tml and then utml would be run to propagate the change. Since these setenv's are found only in aleph_start, it seems unnecessary, but if aleph_start.tml doesn't contain the change and utml is run for some other change, the resulting aleph_start will lack it.

    The important thing is to be aware of this possibility and -- if you or anyone is running utml -- be sure to compare the aleph_start to aleph_start.tml.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013