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    check_doc Tables

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    Question(s) about check_doc tables ... how are error messages keyed to specific tagging conditions?

    We looked at check_doc_mandatory to see how variables are used in those error messages. We do not think we need to revise check_doc_mandatory because our revisions to the validation tables (check_doc_line, check_doc_field_006, check_doc_field_007, check_doc_field_008, and check_doc_field_ldr) addressed differences between MARC21 and OCLC input standards. These differences do not warrant either forbidden or trigger errors.

    Check_doc_eng appears to be the table that holds the specific wording of error messages that we could create.

    - Desired error messages ...
    We would like to create error messages that a cataloger can override and that function merely as a warning.

    Our question is ... could you tell us which of the check_doc tables governs the error messages seen in the 'Record Check Warnings/Errors' pop-up box when a BIB record is being saved in the Cataloging module?

    We have looked at many check_doc tables to see if we could determine how error messages are keyed to specific tagging conditions. We were not able to do so.

    I describe further below how you can add messages to the system, but these messages have to do only with the absence/presence of a field, either by itself or in relation to another field (a dependency). The message associated with the check_field functions (LDR, 006, 007, 008, etc.) is in the $alephe_error_eng/check_doc file, message 7010.

    When you change the check_doc_field_ldr, check_doc_field_006, etc., tables and restart the pc_server, the changes should be in effect:

    * When you try to enter a value into an LDR, 006, 007, 008, etc., which is invalid (according to the new check_doc_nnn's you created), you should get a warning.

    * When you do Edit -- Check field on an incorrect field (which has been imported from some other source) you should get warnings on the values which are invalid (according to the new check_doc_field_xxx and check_doc.lng files you created).

    * When you save a record containing such fields as the preceding, you should get an overridable warning.

    In v16 and v17, an example of a record which gives such a warning when sent to the server (or when "Check record" is done for it) is USM01 #000000003. The message is "LDR/17: Invalid value "I".

    How to add messages:

    The system messages are numbers 0001-5000 and 7001-9999. The numbers 5001-7000 are available for user-created messages. To create a message you need to:

    1. Add the message to check_doc.eng. Note the number you assign.

    2. Using the message number noted in #1, you need to add a line to the check_doc_doc table to indicate the conditions under which the message is to be generated.

    3. (Optional) Add a line to check_doc_mandatory to indicate that the message should be non-overridable ("M") or generate a trigger record ("T").

    4. Restart the pc_server.

    Additional Information

    check_doc_mandatory, error message,Check_doc_eng, check_doc tables, check_field

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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