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    cir-17 Does Not Delete Certain Hold Requests

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21

    Problem Symptoms:
    * Report / Delete Expired Hold Requests (cir-17) doesn't delete certain hold requests
    * There are no entries in the Z370 (Title Requests) table.
    * There are more than 800 entries with past end dates in the Z37 (Requests).

    The required jobs were not being run in some of the customer sublibraries.

    Analysis of this situation showed

    1. This SQL showed that only 504 of the more than 800 expired requests had Z37_END_REQUEST_DATE's:
    SQL> select count(*) from z37 where Z37_END_REQUEST_DATE < '20091022' and Z37_END_REQUEST_DATE ^= 0;

    2. This SQL showed that there were not any type "B" or "T" requests, but that there were 341 z37's with z37_status "S":
    SQL> select z37_request_type, z37_status, count(*) from z37 where Z37_END_REQUEST_DATE < '20091022' and Z37_END_REQUEST_DATE ^= 0 group by z37_request_type, z37_status;
    Z Z COUNT(*)
    H A 141
    H S 341
    H W 22
    That left 141 status "A" and 22 status "W" requests which should have been deleted.

    3. This SQL showed the sublibraries connected to the requests for these items:
    SQL> select z30_sub_library, count(*) from z30, z37 where z37_status ^= 'S' and Z37_END_REQUEST_DATE < '20091022' and Z37_END_REQUEST_DATE ^= 0 and substr (z37_rec_key,1,15) = z30_rec_key group by z30_sub_library;
    Z30_S COUNT(*)
    BAFC 17
    BRES 15
    NIFA 109

    4. grep's for "p_sub_library" in the $alephe_scratch p_cir_17 logs showed that cir-17 was not being run for these sublibraries.
    >> grep p_sub_library *p_cir_17.*

    5. Required action: run these jobs for the sublibraries found by the grep
    a. Hold Shelf Report (cir-06)
    b. cir-17

    Additional Information

    * For non-Title hold, when the z37 hold request for an item by a patron is deleted, it should no longer appear under either the item or the patron.
    * cir-17 ignores requests with Z37_END_REQUEST_DATE = 0.
    * cir-17 does not process type "B" (Booking) requests. It processes H (regular Hold) and T (Title hold) requests. Also, it does not delete expired status "S" requests; as noted in KCS article 8192-2165 (Deletion of Hold Requests); they are deleted by the cir-06 job.

    Category: Circulation (500)

    Subject: Hold requests (500)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013