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    clear_vir01 doesn't run *MASTER RECORD*

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Despite the fact that clear_vir01 is specified in the job_list to run daily, it doesn't run.


    1. Does the $alephe_scratch/jobd.log show clear_vir01 being released by the job daemon on the day/time that it should be?

    2. Is the clear_vir01 batch queue ("lib_batch" in util c/1) running? It must be. Does util c/7 show clear_vir01 jobs waiting to run? If so, and if util c/1 shows the batch queue as running, that indicates a problem. See link to Article 000033361 ("util c/3 doesn't stop batch queue *MASTER RECORD*") below in that regard.

    3. Check the vir01 $data_files/batch_log. If it shows "p_file_04" processes, that indicates that clear_vir01 is running. (p_file_04 processing of the z52 table is part of clear_vir01.)

    4. If #1, #2, and #3 are all "yes" and there is no log for clear_vir01 in $alephe_scratch, then check the job_list entry. Does it have "N" in column 3? As described in Article 000039636 {"Job list, Column 3 (Queue Y/N)"}, if set to "N", the path for the job log must be set at the end (such as: > & alephe_scratch/clear_vir01 & . )

    Additional Information

    See Article 000043868 (KB 5744)  VIR01 (or other library) batch queue not starting with aleph_startup in regard to automatic startup of the vir01 batch queue.   

    See Article 000033361    util c/3 doesn't stop batch queue *MASTER RECORD*

    Sample lines from job_list:

    W3 02:02:00 Y VIR01 clear_vir01 VIR01

    and job_list.conf:

    The job daemon was restarted after adding these lines.

    Category: System management

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013