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    edi-11 fails with “Cannot append file” / "Could not create file" messages

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21, 22, 23


    Problem Symptoms:
    * After running Send Outgoing EDI messages (edi-11), the vendor reports that EDI claims are not appearing on their ftp server

    * The claims that are meant to be sent are instead moved by edi_11 to the /exlibris/aleph/u21_1/xxx50/edi/out/xml_rejected directory

    * The accompanying log file in the xml_rejected directory shows this, indicating that a successful FTP connection was made, but that the EDI file was not created :

    Cannot append file /exlibris/aleph/u21_1/xxx50/edi/out/edi_outgoing/edi.20130822.222900116111.0 Could not create file.
    Connecting to ftp server
    220 "Welcome to HARRASSOWITZ FTP server."
    230 Login successful.
    200 Switching to Binary mode.


    CASE 1:  This problem occurs because of a combination of 2 factors:

    1 The / (forward slash) that appears in the Vendor EDI Code for this vendor (In this case, the Vendor EDI Code has been defined as HARRASSOWITZ/S), and

    2 The use of option "4" in the EDI-OUT-REMOTE-FILE-NAME switch in the edi_out_attr table.

    1 Open the Aleph Acquisitions module
    2 Switch to the Administration tab on the left-hand Navigation pane
    3 Click on 'Vendors'
    4 Search for the vendor
    5 Remove or replace the forward slash in the Vendor EDI Code. For example, change HARRASSOWITZ/S to HARRASSOWITZ_S
    6 Save the changes
    7 Move the xml file from the xml_rejected directory into the /exlibris/aleph/u21_1/xxx50/print/edi directory
    8 Re-run Send Outgoing EDI messages (edi-11)


    CASE 2:  

    Setting the 5th parameter of column 2 (for EBSCO) in ./xxx50/tab/edi_out_attr to "Y" (passive for ftp delivery) corrrected the problem.


    Additional Information

    In most cases, the presence of the forward slash in the Vendor EDI Code is NOT a problem. But if option '4' in the EDI-OUT-REMOTE-FILE-NAME switch in the edi_out_attr table is specified, the forward slash is included in the EDI file name, which causes the error you are seeing. Option '4' in the EDI-OUT-REMOTE-FILE-NAME is specifically designed to format EDI file names according to the naming convention required by Harrassowitz.

    Depending on switch settings in the edi_out_attr file, the error message that appears in the log file may also be "No such file" or "Cannot append file'.


    Category: Acquisitions

    Subject: EDI

    • Article last edited: 22-July-2016