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    edit_doc.lng column 1 formats

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    There are various lines in xxx01/tab/edit_doc.lng, for example:
    015 ## ## 013

    The first three digit code is the document format number.
    It states this in the header and also states that 012 is used in a specific place:

    ! COL 1. 3; NUM; ;
    ! Document format number;
    ! Document format number:
    ! format 012 is used by the system for display of bibliographic
    ! information in the OPAC list of items display;

    Request for documentation
    Library wants one document which will explain what formats are hardcoded and where they appear in web OPAC.

    We know where 012 appears because it is in table header.
    We know where 037 appears because it is below in the “Aleph 20.01 Syslib Guide - Web OPAC”.
    We know where 015 appears (bib info in expanded details screen) because we discovered this.
    We know where 040 because there is a note in the default table.

    We want now a document that explains which pages in the OPAC uses which three digit code from the first column.

    The reason I'm asking is the new functionality in v.19 for bib info in expanded details screen doesn't work because the line above isn't documented anywhere (or at least not where I can find). Somehow someone found out about it and placed it in an SI so I came across it.

    Excerpt from “Aleph 20.01 Syslib Guide - Web OPAC” regarding format 037:

    You can control the fields that are displayed in the Catalog Card by editing the edit_doc.lng table, and changing the format numbered "037", and/or editing the lines in edit_paragraph.lng that are used by the edit_doc.lng 037 format.

    V. 20 rep_change #002516
    - correction to the information about formats in Col. 1 of " edit_doc.eng".

    The following codes hard coded for Web OPAC:

    001 MARC tags (Web OPAC Full view + Save/mail)
    002 Name tags (Web OPAC Full view + Save/mail)
    777 ISI ResearchSoft Tagged Output Format (Web OPAC – only Save/mail)
    998 ALEPH Sequential (Web OPAC – only Save/mail)
    999 Standard Web OPAC format (Web OPAC Full view + Full view, Save/mail)

    All the other formats unlisted above - are handled by the "edit_doc_xxx" programs.

    There are the following format codes – which are widely used in Web OPAC:
    037 Catalog card (Web OPAC Full view + Save/mail)
    040 Citation (Web OPAC Full view + Save/mail)
    997 MARC Format (Web OPAC Full view + Save/mail)

    But those codes are not “Hard-Coded” in the programs, they come from configuration. The same is about format 012 - which *is* configurable, but it is in wide use by customers.

    The format "012" (COL. 1) is generally configured as follows:
    012 ## ## 013
    This means - it refers to paragraph 013 in edit_paragraph (UTIL I-2).

    Formats 001, 777, 999 are not configurable. The document "Aleph 20 Configuration Guide.pdf" was updated.

    Additional Information

    edit_doc.eng edit_doc.fre edit_doc.ger edit_doc.heb

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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