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    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    We are testing the cataloguing of new material (ebooks) on our test server and have noticed something odd. If we create BIB records without a 971 (the MARC field we use for the classmark) the Full View display in the OPAC shows "Collection, SubLibrary, and Classmark" for the Classmark display, however if we have a 971 it only displays the "classmark".

    We have located the parts of the edit_doc_999.eng table that defines the display:
    ## 971## D LClassmark. Y Z
    ## LOC## D LClassmark(s) Y Z E

    We understand that the LOC is created using an expand routine, but we are unsure how this happens or where it is defined. Could you please give us some information about this LOC format and how it is created. We have this info from the header:

    ! LOC - item information, built using expand_doc_bib_loc_usm and
    ! expand_doc_bib_loc_disp. Links the same as ITM3; i.e.
    ! tag text links to library information, and location links
    ! to list of items display.

    Here is a link to the record we have created where you can see the classmark is made up of the "Collection, SubLibrary, and Classmark" :

    In ccc01/tab/ tab_expand you have the following line
    WEB-FULL expand_doc_bib_loc_disp

    If you do UTIL-F-4-doc_expand: WEB-FULL on doc 000197973, you will see the following in LOC field:
    LOC L $$bCANT$$cMAIN$$hON ORDER$$oBOOK$$4Canterbury$$5Main Collection$$3Book

    It contains subfields 4 and 5.

    From Aleph 20 Syslib Guide - Indexing.doc :
    The expand_doc_bib_loc_disp program expands subfields $b, $c and $o of the LOC field created by expand_doc_bib_loc_usm, adding subfields $4 (sublibrary), $5 (collection) and $3 (material type) in which the codes are replaced by names.

    If you look in ccc01/tab/edit_field.eng which defines which subfields will display for every field you will see that for LOC subfields 4 and 5 are displayed.
    1 # LOC## # B
    2 4 A
    2 5 A ^^^
    2 k A ^^
    2 h A ^^
    2 i A ^^
    2 m A ^^
    2 j A ^^
    2 l A ^^
    2 z A ^^

    I compare it to our server settings and we don’t have procedure expand_doc_bib_loc_disp for WEB-FULL .
    You may comment out this line in tab_expand or edit the field LOC in edit_field.eng

    Additional Information

    edit_doc_999.eng, edit_field.eng, display field LOC in Web Opac,

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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