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    expand_doc_merge_union_crs not working

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    I made the xxx30 indexing changes, ran the indexing jobs, set up the union view tables and ran the union view jobs. Then when I searched for courses in our OPAC the bib information was not expanded into the course records. In the v18 > v19 upgrade (step 55) the expand_doc_course lines were replaced with expand_doc_merge_union_crs.

    Since this didn’t seem to be working I tried putting the expand_doc_course lines back in the abc30/tab_expand table and now the bib information displays in the course records in the OPAC. So it appears the expand_doc_merge_union_crs is not working unless I’m missing something.

    And even though the bib information is displaying now for the courses the union view is not working. Titles that are linked to more than one course are not de-duplicated. They are still appearing as individual records.

    The expand_doc_merge_union_crs works only with union bases. As described in section 3.1 of "How to Set Up an ALEPH Union Catalog": "In libraries that are set up as Union Catalog or Union View libraries in tab100, bases that begin with U- are Union Catalog bases, and bases that do not begin with a U- are standard bases."

    Similarly, the v19 "System Librarian’s Guide – Course Reading and Reserves", section 1.2, says: "In order to be identified as a Union View, the CR library code must follow the letter "U-" as in the following example of setting union base for USM30 (U-USM30)."
    Also, there needs to be an entry in ./www_f_eng/base-list for &local_base=u-xxx30".

    The reason for the use of the Union View with Course Reading is given in section 10:

    The Union View mechanism is applied to the Course Reading database so that titles
    that are listed for more than one course will be virtually merged into a single record
    for view in the OPAC. Therefore, records that are linked to more than one course will
    display as a single de-duplicated record, with the course information from all the deduped
    records merged in the single record display.

    You will need to do the steps to create the z120 and create_z127 and load_z127_to_mem to create/load the z127. (Note: The load_z127_to_mem is not strictly necessary for a very small database, such as the Course Reserve database.)

    Note: You need to be dlib-ed to the xxx30 library when running create_z127 and load_z127_to_mem.

    See also KB 16384-13441.

    • Article last edited: 11/20/2013