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    file-20: "Can not update/delete. No match found."

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23


    The following messages appear in the file-20 (Patron Loader):


    Error (b_file_20_chk_edit_record) : Errors in Z304. Record No 000540
    Can not update/delete. No match found.



    Error (b_file_20_chk_edit_record) : Errors in Z305. Record No 000002
        Can not update/delete. No match found.



    The USER-REC-ACTION, ADDR-REC-ACTION, etc., (the first byte in each segment) is "U" (Update) when the patron does not exist.

         * Unless it is certain that the patron exists, the xxxx-REC-ACTION needs to be "A" (Add) rather than "U" Update.

         * For "A" the program checks to see if the patron exists. If so, it changes the action to "U"; if not, it changes it to "I". 

    OR,  In the case of the z305 (#2), if XML input is being used, with just one or two fields you want to update, in addition to those fields you must include at least: 
       the <match-id-type>, 
       the  <match-id>, and 
       the <z305-sub-library>*. 

    Otherwise, the program won't be able to find the z305 you want to match on.  

    *  Note:  the  z305_sub_library is commonly the ADM library code (such as USM50).

    • Article last edited: 30-Sep-2016