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    file-20 slow in v22

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22

    Problem Symptoms:
    file-20 in a multi-adm environment, with several of the services running at the same time, is much slower (about double the time) in version 22 than it was in version 20.

    Oracle memory size.

    Increase the Oracle memory size (SGA) and restart Oracle.

    Additional Information

    In one case, a consortium with many campuses, running several file-20 loads at the same time, the SGA (oracle memory) was increased first from 1.5G to 2.5G, then from 2.5G to 10G. (The size of 10G wasn't calculated as necessary. The necessary value was no doubt lower.)

    It *seems* that the same increase in the Oracle memory size (SGA) for the file-20 patron load may also have fixed a v22 bib-indexing slowness problem.

    Category: Circulation (500)