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manage-02: "Update" or "Rebuild entire" option for authority library

  • Article Type: Q&A
  • Product: Aleph
  • Product Version: 20
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local; Total Care


When the bib p_manage_02 is preceded by p_manage_102, we run it with the "Update headings index" option.

When running p_manage_02 in the *AUThority* database, should the "Update headings index" or "Rebuild entire ..." option be used?


Since the manage-02 in the authority library is never preceded by manage-102 (as it may be in the case of the bib manage-02), it should *always* be run specifying the "Rebuild entire headings index".

The sequence would be:
1. Run manage-02 in the authority library with "Rebuild entire"
2. Run manage-102 in the bib library with "Delete Existing Headings" *
3. Run manage-02 in the bib library with "Update headings index".

* If manage-102 is run a second time, for a second authority library (such as xxx11 or xxx12), then that run needs to specify "Keep Existing Headings".

Category: Background processing

  • Article last edited: 10/8/2013