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    manage-18 extremely slow; "unable to extend index ..." messages in Oracle log

    • Product: Aleph 
    • Product Version: 20,21,22,23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct,Direct,Local,Total Care



    The manage-18 job (or some other batch job) suddenly runs much slower than it should (for instance, processing 

    only one input record/second rather than the normal 20/second).  There are no error messages in the job log.


    An examination of the /exlibris/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/aleph21/aleph21/trace/alert_aleph21.log  showed thousands 

    of the following error message:

        ORA-1654: unable to extend index ALB01.Z00R_ID1 by 8192 in tablespace TS1X


    (Note that despite these errors, util a/17/14 for the z00r shows that the x00r_id1 is present and valid.)


    Adding a datafile to the TS1X tablespace -- as described in the article "How to add a datafile to a tablespace" -- resolved the problem.   (Note: Oracle does *not* need to be stopped in order for the added datafile to be available for use-- in fact, the job itself doesn't need to be stopped.)


    For other causes of job slowness, consult the "Aleph is slow *MASTER RECORD*" article.


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