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    number for rep_changes missing from service pack excel

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    The document ALEPH-20.1-Service Pack-1.xls seems to have a large number for rep_changes missing from it.

    For example, there is a huge jump from 171 to 2000, but also 159, 157, 2001 and many other rep_changes are missing from it.

    It there a particular reason for this and is there any comprehensive document which covers all of the rep_changes, this is especially important now it is no longer possible to use the rep_change view command from the command line on the server.

    1. Regarding standard gaps (small gaps): This is documented under the sp documentation for v.20 (see page 5). These changes are irrelevant to customers and they are not displayed and there is no other way to view them. They are generally technical changes such as the preparation for a future development, etc.
    See the following file on the doc portal :
    Download center > Service Packs > Service Packs - Documents > The Aleph Service Pack Mechanism - 20.x . pdf
    There it states:
    Note: Technical changes are not included in the reports. Therefore, there might be gaps in the numbering of the displayed changes.
    For example, change number 115 is not displayed due to a technical change.

    2. Regarding big gaps such as 171 - 2000. There is no content between 171 and 2000. The convention for minor release is to start from a higher number.
    The reason is purely technical. Shortly, there is no content to this number.

    In general terms, the rep_change number is an internal identifier for the changes, only published rep_changes are significant for the customers.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013