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    p-cir-51 Letter Format Not Displaying as Desired (Coded)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    For p_cir_51, we have different letter formats for each institution.

    I created a p-cir-51-smc.xml based on p-cir-51.xml which includes only the default letter format as an option.
    However, the options that were previously coded in p-cir-51.xml are still displaying.
    I removed the UTF file, but only the p-cir-51.xml was in there.

    Does p-cir-51-smc.xml not read into the program, or did I used the wrong naming convention?

    I can think of 3 different approaches for this:

    1. The first is used by independent libraries sharing the same server. In essence it is done this way:
    'In order to have multi pc_b_eng directories you must have multiple pc_server_defaults files and multi ADM libraries. Each pc_server_defaults file will include a variable "pc_services_directory" which will be the services directory. It will be $data_root/pc_b_eng of each library. It may be copied from $alephe_root/pc_b_eng and then customized.'
    For this, you would have to create serveral pc_server_default files, run separate servers, and maybe also change aleph_start. If this is what you would like to have, then please consult the SKB record quoted above for more details.

    2. In the same menu, from menu-circ.xml, try to offer 2 different options:
    <display>Overdue and Lost Billing Summary Letter NDU (cir-51)</display>
    <display>Overdue and Lost Billing Summary Letter SMC (cir-51)</display>

    3. Use the same p-cir-51.xml with varying options for Letter Formats (and make sure they exist in the respective xxx01/form_eng):
    <label>Letter Format</label>
    <display>Faculty NDU only</display>
    <display>Faculty SMC only</display>

    Additional Information

    p-cir-51, pc_b_eng, oc_server_defaults, multi adm

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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