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    p-manage-07: "Record write Failure; Job Suspended "

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    I have tried twice now to update the z13 in nov01 and the job has failed half way through. We now have an incomplete short bib table.


    45046 READING DOC 000745045 AT 11:40:53
    46047 READING DOC 000746046 AT 11:41:29
    47048 READING DOC 000747047 AT 11:42:07
    48049 READING DOC 000748048 AT 11:42:47
    49050 READING DOC 000749049 AT 11:43:26
    50001 END READING AT 11:44:06
    Sat Aug 25 11:44:06 ADT 2007

    FAILURE Sat Aug 25 11:44:06 ADT 2007 ==================
    step 1
    Cycle: 15

    b_manage_07_a: Record write Failure

    Job Suspended !!!


    Exiting due to job suspension.

    The failure of p_manage_07 was caused by duplicate keys. Based on the $data_scratch run_e_01 log, it appears that ue_01 had been restarted and had updated some z13's. When manage_07 got to that point, it could not write the record.

    p_manage_07 stops the ue daemons. You need to make sure that anyone working on this server understands that p_manage_07 is being run and doesn't try to restart ue_01. In v18-up, you can prevent anyone from restarting the ue's by doing util w/5 and toggling the ue's which run in this library to DOWN. Note: This stops the UE's in ALL libraries.

    You must also make sure that no one tries to update the xxx60 HOL records in Cataloging -- or take the pc_server down while the job is running.

    Note: You will need to toggle the ue's back UP when the job is done, and restart each of the ue's in each library where it was toggled down.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013