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    p_cir_21 output report doesn't include today's transactions

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    In v.18 - Circulation Logger Report (cir-21) can be run for "In house use". The job consults the z309 circ log records with the z309_action = "30" (In House Use).

    So far I couldn't make this work for in-house transactions. It always creates an empty report.

    Example in USM50 (nyu-test):
    - There is a single z309 record with the z309_action="30" (in house use);
    - There is a single z35/event record with the z35_event_type="80" (in house use");
    - Both records have been created by scanning item barcode through the "In house use" function in the Gui Circ client / Circulation menu;
    - There is a dummy user with the user id "MED" which belongs to this item;
    - p-cir-21 was run in USM50 (action = In house use);
    - the job only consults the z309/cir-log table;
    - The output file "cir-21-report" (/usm50/print/) doesn't contain any data.

    Note 1: This problem could apply to other reports aside from "in-house-use".

    Note 2: In the case where a a larger date range than just today is specified, the problem would manifest itself as "Today's transactions are missing from the report".

    When the z309 transactions have been created on the same day as p_cir_21 is being run, then a "To Hour" *must* be specified. (Otherwise, the job defaults to "00:00" and the z309's for this day are ignored.)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013