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    p_file_20: PLIF-MODIFICATION doesn't prevent creation of Address type '02'

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    Borrower 0000074250 is on sabbatical and wants to have all paper notices sent to her home address only.

    We have deleted her campus address record (z304 type '02') in order to make the home address (z304 type '01') be used.

    But -- despite having patron addresses set as protected fields in her borrower record (z303_plif_modification = "A" or "1") -- she continues to have a z304 type '02' added by the PLIF.

    The p_file_20 program uses this logic:

    Does the incoming address type exist?

    Yes --> check the z303-PLIF-MODIFICATION to see it can be updated.

    No --> create a new address record with this type

    That is, since there is no campus address (no address of type '02'), it is *not* updating any address; it is creating a new one.

    What you need to do in these cases where the patron reports that the address type '02' should not be used is *not* to delete the type '02' record; but, instead, change its DATE-TO to yesterday's date. This will make the z304 type '01' be used instead of the type '02'. And the z303_plif_modification "A" or "1" will prevent the z304 type '02' from being updated by any incoming z304 type '02'.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013