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    p_manage_02 sort: illegal byte sequence

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    abc01 manage-02 exits due to job suspension.

    p_manage_02_a_2.log has:

    start sort /aleph/aleph/u18_1/abc01/scratch/manage_02_1_2
    sort: can't read /aleph/aleph/u18_1/abc01/scratch/manage_02_1_2: Illegal byte sequence
    end sort /aleph/aleph/u18_1/abc01/scratch/manage_02_1_2
    Wed Oct 22 19:29:46 EDT 2008
    /aleph/aleph/u18_1/abc01/scratch/manage_02_2_2: No such file or directory.

    I see that this server has the problem described in KB 16384-9825:

    The "ver" command gives the messages:

    sort: missing NEWLINE added at end of input file STDIN
    Service Pack: 1137

    even though Service Pack 1613 has been installed.

    The "ver" command could be corrected by adding the "setenv LC_ALL C" command to the $alephm_proc/ver file, but that is not so important....

    I *believe* that the p_manage_02 "sort ... Illegal byte sequence" message may be a similar problem.

    I added a

    setenv LC_ALL C

    line to the beginning of $aleph_proc/p_manage_02 (as the second line) and an

    unsetenv LC_ALL

    as the 2nd-to-last line of the proc (immediately preceding the "exit").

    and the p_manage_102 / p_manage_02 ran successfully.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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