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    p_manage_320 pulling in blind cross-references into z0102

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 15.5

    FIU is going into production on Monday morning. During the process of copying the database from one server to another logical base browse searching was returning totally inaccurate results, so I've just re-run p_manage_320 on the PROD server, using the exact same tab_base.eng that was used for the original run. This run has 2 million more entries in the z0102 table. What controls this? We have not had this problem in any of the test loads nor in other databases on the PROD server. Try searching Law Library logical base, Author browse search = Shakespeare Will.

    I've done some more investigating, and it appears that all of our institutions' physical logical bases contain blind cross-references. I have some recollection that at some point Ex Libris implemented a "fix" or enhancement to the situation that older versions of Aleph did not include cross-references in logical bases at all, and that this "fix" meant that blind cross-references would be included in physical logical bases. I can't seem to find documentation of this point.

    HOWEVER: logical bases, when Z0102 isn't used, do NOT display blind cross-references. Why is the display of cross-references different depending on the use of Z0102?

    You can use the following SQL to remove all the SEE references from the z0102 for a specific base:

    SQL> delete from z0102 where Z0102_ACC_SEQUENCE_SEE > 0 and substr(Z0102_REC_KEY_1,1,n) = 'xxxxxxx';

    Example: if the logical base from which you wanted to delete them were "SERIALS", then you would specify:

    SQL> delete from z0102 where Z0102_ACC_SEQUENCE_SEE > 0 and substr(Z0102_REC_KEY_1,1,7) = 'SERIALS';

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013