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    p_union_01/p_union_02: doesn't handle any docs, leaves Z120 table empty

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    We reran our v18 -> v19 upgrade, starting with a new snapshot of our production data.

    We have 29 libraries that run course reserves. I am able to successfully run p_union_01 / p_union_02 on the first 10 of those 29 libraries. I cannot get these jobs to see any docs in the other 19 libraries.

    As a result of SI 16384-80638 rep_change 556 was installed as a hot fix. Things did seem to work after this. To the best of my knowledge, no table settings have been changed, just Oracle data.

    The cycles file is created with correct settings, but when I believe p_union_02_a runs it does not handle any docs and leaves the Z120 table empty.

    Id you look at NDC30 you see in the log:

    Process number : 1
    Cycle : 1
    Start loop : 000000001
    End loop : 000004216
    Tue Feb 10 09:35:28 CST 2009
    1 START READING AT 09:35:28
    1 END READING AT 09:35:28

    While it should have handled 4216 docs, it handled none.

    Everything works fine for the first 10 libraries, but fails after that.

    [From site:]

    I figured out the problem here. It seems that when the Z120 table was created it was not always created correctly. There should be an entry for each doc in the table, but the course reserves libraries that do not work have Z120 tables of size 0. When I recreate the tables manually, everything works fine.

    I found nothing in the logs showing why the tables were created with size 0.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013