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    p_word_group and p_acc_group parameters in p_manage_01 and p_manage_02

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    What is the "p_word_group" parameter (seen in the p_manage_01 log)?
    And what is the "p_acc_group" parameter (seen in the p_manage_02 log)?

    They are not on the GUI Services submission screens -- nor is there any mention of them in the Help screens.

    The meaning and use of these parameters is found in the tab11_word and tab11_acc headers. Here's the entry in tab11_acc:

    ! COL 7. 1; TEXT {A,B,C, ,}; ;
    ! Group;
    ! Values are: A, B or C. This column may be used to define a
    ! particular group of fields that will be used to create a
    ! new headings index. This option cannot be used for an
    ! already existing index. Also, this option is available
    ! only when the program is run from the Unix command line.
    ! It is not available from the Headings index batch service.
    ! The following is an example of the way in which the program
    ! should be run for fields that belong to group B:
    ! csh -f p_manage_02 USM01,0,000000000,999999999,B,1,N,00,

    This has been used successfully in cases where a site wanted to add a new Browse index. It must be a brand-new index. Using it to regenerate an existing index results in duplicates.

    Note: tab11_word used to also have a column for Group, but it never worked properly and has been removed.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013