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parallel indexing: util g/2 last-doc-number changed incorrectly

  • Article Type: General
  • Product: Aleph
  • Product Version: 20

Problem Symptoms:
When running an indexing job {such as, manage-02 ("Update Headings Index")} for an xxxnn parallel bib library,

1. the xxxnn util g/2 last-doc-number is changed to 50100 (or some other incorrect number), and
2. the $data_scratch p_manage_a_nn.cycles file has fewer cycles than it should

The library's file_list has an "LS z00 usm01" entry, when it *should* have "LS z00 xxx01" <where "xxx01" is the local bib library>.

(1) do util a/17/5/1 to confirm that the z00 synonym is incorrect;

(2) edit the xxx01 $data_root/file_list "LS z00" entry to "LS z00 xxx01" (and the z103 and z0102 entries to "LS z103 xxx01" and "LS z0102 xxx01") <where "xxx01" is the local bib library>;

(3) do util a/17/5/2 to recreate the synonyms, using the changed file_list LS entries;

(4) do util a/17/5/1 to confirm that the synonyms are now correct;

(5) do:
s+ xxxnn
SQL> select max (z00_doc_number) from z00;

(6) dlib xxxnn
util g/2 "U" to correct the xxxnn last-doc-number .

Additional Information

If the automatic last-doc-number change occurs in a context other than parallel indexing, see Articles 000007035 ("Automatic resetting of last-doc-number by system") and 000016111 {"BIB library (SYS01) last-doc-number accidently reset"}.

  • Article last edited: 4/16/2014