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publish-04: "The base: XXX01PUB ... does not exist in the $alephe tab/tab base table."


Despite the fact that the XXX01PUB base specified in the PRIMO-xxxx line of tab_publish does exist in tab_base, the following error message is received in running the publish-04 Service:

2016-11-26 11:19:25 The base: XXX01PUB in line: 000000001 (under tab_publish table in XXX01) does not exist in the $alephe_tab/tab_base table. Line was skipped. 
2016-11-26 11:19:25 After filtering the invalid tab_publish lines, the publishing set PRIMO-XXX will not be processed. 
2016-11-26 11:19:25 [log] B-PUBLISH-04 A NORMAL END 
Process was aborted because of the above errors 



The xxx01 tab_publish line for PRIMO-xxxx had a extra space in front of the "XXX01PUB" value (that is, " XXX01PUB" in column 2) -- and all of the other columns in this line were also one space too far to the right. This extra space in front of " XXX01PUB" needed to be deleted.