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    tab100 Sub-Library-Division=N and blocking of loans

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Since our upgrade to V20, we've found that even though a hold request has attached itself to an item, if another similar item is discharged before the hold request is fulfilled on the first item, the second item is being connected to the hold request and is requiring we use the second item to fulfill the hold request. This is causing problems when a patron shows up to check out an item and suddenly it's being reserved for a hold request. Unfortunately, I've been unable to replicate this problem.

    Our ABC50 tab100 is currently set to Sub-Library-Division=N, and I'm wondering if setting it to Y might help solve this problem.

    It would seem that, when sub-library-division=Y is set, you *should* be able to check out this item since the other item (in a different sublibrary) will no longer be considered a "like item".

    Note: the setting of the Z37-FILTER-SUB-LIBRARY column in the z37 hold request (of the other item) is relevant. That is, an existing request which has this set to "N" may continue to block the loan even after the change. But, with sub-library-division=Y, a *new* request should be created with Z37-FILTER-SUB-LIBRARY = <xxxxx> -- which should not cause the loan to be blocked.

    KB 16384-17553 is somewhat related to this.

    [Later, from customer:] We've decided to leave the Sub-Library-Division to allow requests to be fulfilled from any sublibrary and will use the Item Match Filter for individual requests for customers such as Reserves where a library's own copy should go on its reserves.

    However, I wonder that since we had tab_roster set up for the title-level requests if it can be disabled if we want to do item level requests. Right now we have ABC50 as the potential supplier, and I think that may be causing some problems with patrons not getting the item they requested. Can tab_roster be disabled by renaming it?

    [From Jerry:] As described in the "How to configure and use title hold requests, version 18" document (attached to KB 7212), the Title Request function looks for tab_roster in the ADM $data_tab and, if not found there, $alephe_tab. Certainly, if you are not using title holds, tab_roster can be disabled by renaming these files.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013