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    tab31, column 22, "Automatically create ALEPH record"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    I have been unable to find any additional information about tab31 col 22 "Automatically create ALEPH record". I'm trying to diagnose a problem that may have begun with version 18, and may have to do either with this switch or the changed behaviorwith regard to patron privileges introduced in version 18 ("The patron loader behavior with regard to patron privileges has been changed. tab31 is now used for default patron privileges only if the local patron privileges record that is loaded is new. If the local patron privileges record already exists and is only updated, the patron privileges will remain untouched. The patron expiry date will still be calculated based on tab31 if it is not supplied in the input file, even if the local patron record already exists.)"

    Do you have any other details as to what "Automatically create ALEPH record" means and does? I don't see differences with it on or off when I create local records.

    The "ALEPH record" which tab31 refers to is the z305 record with "ALEPH" as the "Z305-SUB-LIBRARY".

    Prior to v18 the system required that each patron have an ALEPH z305 record in addition to, for instance, the ABC50 z305 record.

    In v18, when the ADM $data_tab/ tab100 USER-SHARING is set to "Y", there are shared (ALEPH) z305's in the $usr_library, but no ALEPH z305's in the ADM library. {There *is* still the option, with USER-SHARING=Y, of having an ADM-level z305 record (with the xxx50 library as the "Z305-SUB-LIBRARY"), in addition to the $usr_library ALEPH record.}

    In v18, when the ADM $data_tab/ tab100 USER-SHARING is set to "N", you have *only* the ADM-level z305 record (with the xxx50 library as the "Z305-SUB-LIBRARY") and no ALEPH z305's.

    V18 rep_ver 11864 addresses this topic:

    Description: Adding new col to tab31 to control whether ALEPH record will be automatically created upon inserting new z305 -

    ! COL 22. 1; ALPHA {Y,N}, UPPER; ;
    ! Automatically create ALEPH record

    only if the flag is set to "Y" and the tab100-user-sharing is "Y" then the "ALEPH" record is created in the defined USR library.

    For this purpose, a new table is introduced , tab_map_privileges. The new table maps a local bor statuses to different status in order to create the shared ALEPH z305.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013