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    tab42 Triggers (col. 3)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    What values can be added as tab42 Triggers (col. 3)?

    For instance, the usm50 tab42 has a code of "OC":

    SERIAL ##### OC NP ##

    tab42 column 3 is the action code that will trigger the change of the item processing status.

    When column 1 is ACQ, col. 3 is the Z68-ORDER-STATUS.

    When column 1 is SERIAL, the col. 3 value is hardcoded in the program. These are the programs/values:

    b_serial_13 OP
    b_serial_44_a.cbl NP
    b_serial_44_b.cbl CL
    pc_serial_c0301.cbl OP
    pc_serial_c0309.cbl UAR
    pc_serial_c0309.cbl AR
    pc_serial_c0309.cbl PI
    pc_serial_c0315.cbl OP
    pc_serial_c0316.cbl OP
    pc_serial_c0317.cbl NP
    pc_serial_c0317.cbl CL
    serial2_arrive_item.cbl AR
    serial2_arrive_item.cbl PI
    serial2_unarrive_item.cbl UAR

    For example, the serial2_unarrive_item program has these lines:

    CALL "tab42_get" USING
    "SERIAL "

    The only values you can use for the tab42 SERIAL trigger are those shown above (which are also those listed in the tab42 header). It seems that this "SERIAL ... OC" will not actually do anything.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013