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    tab_library_group; pw_library, usr_library, ADM library

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    1. In moving to Aleph 16, should we now be using tab_library_group for getting background jobs running? What is the proper setup and use of that table?

    2. I'm still confused on when things should run against ABC50 and when they run against PWD50. Terminology still escapes me. Is ABC50 our "ADM" library? Is that because of ACQ and SERIALS being in there?.

    3. PWD50 is the pw_library because of the staff passwords, but what terminology is used with regards to the patron portion of things, since some of it is in PWD50 and some in ABC50?.

    4. Finally, which background jobs and settings run against ABC50 vs PWD50? There are settings in aleph_start for "MESSAGE_STARTUP_LIBS" and "REQUEST_STARTUP_LIBS" etc. but I'm still unsure of which is which.

    1. tab_library_group is completely optional. We suggest, that having separate processes and logs for these is clearer and better.

    2. Yes, an ADM library usually has those, but also because it's the object of ADM relations in tab_library_relation and because its tab100 specifies "DOC-TYPE-ADM=Y"..

    3. PWD50 is the pw_library because you have "setenv pw_library PWD50" in aleph_start. The PWD50 is the "usr_library" -- since you have specified "setenv usr_library PWD50" in aleph_start. In a single-ADM set-up, the USM50 or EXU50 library would be specified as the usr_library. Or in a multi-ADM you could have a separate "USR50" as the usr_library..

    4. This line in the distributed $alephe_root/aleph_start:.
    setenv MESSAGE_STARTUP_LIBS "$z105_library".
    and above that you have a line:.
    setenv z105_library xxxxx.
    In your case, I imagine you have "setenv z105_library PWD50", so PWD50 is the library you are using..
    The distributed aleph_start has:.
    setenv REQUEST_STARTUP_LIBS "usm50".
    USM50 is an ADM library. You should include each ADM library in yours:.
    setenv REQUEST_STARTUP_LIBS "abc50 bce50, etc." [Unless you were grouping them in tab_library_group. In which case you would specify just the "host library" here.].
    Use the same principle for each of the others.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013